Parsley For Kidney Cleanse

The Cleansing Benefits of Parsley For Kidney Cleanse

Parsley is known to be a food ornament; it can be seen in platters of steaks or a serving of fried chicken along with other “ornamental” vegetables to make food more presentable or appetizing. But what most of us don’t know is that parsley has rich amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can be very beneficial to our health.

Why use parsley for kidney cleansing

Parsley or specifically parsley juice is a concentrated beverage that contains all the healthy goodness of the herb. This herb has been known to be helpful in kidney cleansing and detoxifying the liver while providing the body with natural enzymes, chlorophyll and most importantly antioxidants that can help reduce the effects of premature aging.

Parsley is also known as a natural diuretic which means it can stimulate the kidneys to increase urine production. When the kidneys are able to increase production of urine it is able to cleanse the body from toxins and other harmful microorganisms as well. And using a parsley kidney cleanse regularly will help you become healthier and less prone to illness especially infections.

Cleansing and kidney stone prevention

Cleansing is important in preventing the growth of kidney stones in the kidneys and in the bladder. It is known that the kidneys filter blood; it removes toxins and salts that may accumulate in our body and cause illness. Cleansing will help the kidneys remove these toxins in the blood ensuring that stones will least likely to grow and multiply.

How to use parsley for cleansing

Unfortunately you can never take advantage of parsley even when you eat an entire stalk of the herb. There are only two ways to use parsley for cleansing; one is to use a juicer to make parsley juice and the other one is by drinking parsley tea.

In making parsley juice with a juicer, wash a several stalks of parsley and place these in a juicer. Add ¼ cup of water and then you are done. If the taste of parsley juice is overpowering, you may otherwise add other cleansing fruits and vegetables like lemon juice and cucumber or other complementary ingredients. Take a glassful of parsley juice in the morning and in the evening for three weeks for best results.

In making parsley tea, gather a handful of the herb and clean by rinsing with cool water. Boil a pot-full of water and add parsley. Let it boil for 10 to 15 minutes and then allow to cool down. When the parsley tea has cooled, strain it with clean gauze and place it in a bottle. Place this in the refrigerator to drink every day. You may also drink parsley tea while it is still warm.

Any special considerations

There are no known side effects in drinking parsley tea or juice however it is contraindicated in pregnant women. It is also important that patients who have been diagnosed with kidney stones and kidney infections consult their doctor before they try any natural remedy for kidney cleansing.

9 thoughts on “Parsley For Kidney Cleanse

  1. I don’t know about you but my husband is taking Parsley tea once in a while! He is taking a lot of pills already! He is a kidney transplant recipient last 2008 and lost that kidney because of infections! He was even in dialysis for a while (about 8 months)! His kidney was almost destroyed taking a lot of antibiotics. When he was in California, he was given a massive dose of antibiotics (IV infused) to save his life because of blood poisoning – his kidney was almost damaged!! At present he is no longer on dialysis! He continue taking his anti rejection meds!!! He still urinate more or less 1,000 ml/day! He drinks also Cranberry juice and sometimes coconut juice (also a diuretic). I do not give him antibiotic, although his Dr. advised he should take it everyday!! ANTBIOTICS IS A CULPRIT!! My husband is very happy that he is no longer on dialysis!!

  2. If I make parsley tea and put it in the fridge, how much should I drink, how often and for how long. Thanks

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