Natural Kidney Cleanse

Here are the three common natural kidney cleansing available that you can try at home. These have shown great results to a lot of people.

Kidney Cleanse with Asparagus

AsparagusThe lowly asparagus is a vegetable that we often see in our dinner plates; what we know as a crunchy or steamed vegetable is actually an effective and practical kidney cleanse. It can stimulate the kidneys to increase urine production thereby improving kidney health; aside from these the asparagus also contains natural properties that can help prevent yeast growth in the colon, kidneys and other areas of the body.

What are the benefits of this kind of cleansing procedure?

Asparagus cleansing is eating asparagus to take advantage of its health-giving properties. Eating asparagus stimulates the kidneys to increase urine production. When the kidneys produce more urine, it can dilute salts, excess minerals and toxins that can develop into kidney stones. And as urine production is increased, small pieces of stones may also be flushed away from the kidneys towards the bladder and out of the body.

Asparagus may also be an idea natural cure to reduce cholesterol, improve cardiac health and contains antioxidants that may be able to help fight aging, improve immune system health and so much more.

How to use asparagus for kidney cleanse?

Asparagus may be eaten steamed or with soups, salads and just dipped in your favorite low-fat sauce or dip. But one of the most efficient ways to get the best out of this vegetable is to drink asparagus tea made of pure asparagus extracts

Asparagus tea is derived from asparagus extracts; the extracts of this vegetable comes from a whole asparagus plant. Extracts may be obtained from reputable dealers or from your local natural shop. Remember to stick to a recommended kidney cleansing diet and drink more fluids than usual together with using this natural remedy.

Are there special considerations of using asparagus for kidney cleansing?

Aside from using asparagus for kidney cleansing, anyone who would like to use this remedy should drink more than 12 glasses of water each day. If you are diagnosed with kidney disease, kidney stones and kidney infections, consult your doctor before using asparagus cleansing or asparagus extracts for cleansing.


The Kidney Bean for Kidney Cleanse

Kidney BeansAside from being called kidney beans because its close resemblance to actual human kidneys, these are also seen as one of the most effective natural ways to do kidney cleansing. Kidney beans are great sources of potassium which may help prevent stroke and lower high blood pressure; beans are also known to be low in sodium and fat but high in dietary fiber and a superb source of vitamin A and C.

Why use kidney beans for cleansing the kidney

Besides having these natural benefits, kidney beans along with other legumes contain arginine an amino acid that helps clean the kidneys. Consuming kidney beans will help improve kidney health. The kidneys are known to remove toxins and salts in the blood; if these toxins and salts are not efficiently removed these may stay in the kidneys and cause stone formation or may lead to terrible complications.

Eating kidney beans will ensure kidney health and efficient kidney function and when the kidneys function well, blood that passes through the kidneys are also efficiently cleaned.

Cleansing to prevent the formation of kidney stones

There is a strong link to cleansing and keeping the kidneys healthy in preventing stone formation. When blood is efficiently stripped off of salts and toxins, you will be able to prevent the growth and multiplication of stones within the kidneys.

How to use kidney beans for kidney cleansing

You need a handful of kidney beans; wash these or use a water bath to clean them thoroughly. In using a water bath, allow the beans to submerge in a small basin-full of water for about 30 minutes. Discard beans that float and cook beans that have submerged.

Cook beans just as you would cook rice; you may include kidney beans in stews and in casseroles or you may eat them as a side dish with meat and rice. What’s great about kidney beans is that eating it as much as you can in a day will also help your prevent food cravings since you will feel full for a long time. Eat as much as you can to get the most of the natural properties of kidney beans.

Beans are also perfect fiber sources. You need fiber to clean your digestive tract; fiber is like small brooms that sweep away toxins, disease-causing microorganisms and will even help you maintain your bowel movements.

Any special considerations

Beans have high potassium content which could be dangerous for a person who is diagnosed of a heart condition or high blood pressure. Anyone who has a restricted diet of potassium must take care not to go over their required daily levels by eating beans.

There are many types of kidney beans but the most commonly used are red kidney beans. Be sure to consult your doctor when using any natural treatment for kidney health and preventing kidney stone formation. If you have been diagnosed with kidney failure or kidney stones, you must also talk to your doctor before you use any natural treatment like this.


The Wonders of Watermelon Kidney Cleanse

WatermelonsEating watermelon has been known as an effective way to add water in your everyday diet. The fruit is known to have high water content and a lot of vitamins and minerals to keep a person healthy and fit. And since this fruit has superb amounts of water, it is also used for cleansing which is known to improve the health of the kidneys and to support the prevention of kidney stone formation.

Why use watermelon for kidney cleansing

Watermelon has been known to have natural diuretic properties. This means that eating watermelon will increase your urine output. Your kidneys are forced to create more urine and this increased output helps flush out toxins and harmful chemicals from the body resulting in a clean system.

Cleansing and preventing kidney stone formation

Aside from removing toxins from the body, cleansing may also prevent kidney stone formation. When blood passes through the kidneys it gets filtered; toxins and salts are removed. Salts make up a large type of stones that grow and multiply in the kidneys and removing salts in the blood increases the possibility of preventing stone formation.

How to use watermelon for cleansing

Watermelons may be eaten just the way they are. Choose a large watermelon and cut it into smaller pieces; eat the fruit all day until you have consumed the entire melon. As you eat watermelon, drink as much as 12 to 15 glasses of water in a day. You will feel the need to urinate more often as you continuously eat watermelon and drink water. You will also eventually feel lighter and more energetic as your body is cleansed with a watermelon kidney cleanse.

Watermelon seeds also have natural diuretic properties. You may eat watermelon seeds as you eat the fruit or you may prepare watermelon seed tea. Separate the seeds of the watermelon and wash them thoroughly. Cut these seeds or grind them.  Boil a pint of water and place about a teaspoon of ground watermelon seeds. Allow to boil for another 15 minutes and then let it cool down. You may drink this tea immediately or place in a bottle and refrigerate. Drink a cup in the morning and one at night for two to three weeks.

Any special considerations 

Do not use watermelon kidney cleanse if you have diabetes. If you have been diagnosed with kidney stones or a kidney infection consult your doctor before using this natural treatment. Since watermelon contain significant amounts of water, this cleansing technique must not be taken by people with severe kidney failure. Patients with severe cases of kidney impairment may have restricted water intake; eating watermelons may only make you lose count of the amount of water that you are allowed to take in a day.

Watermelons also have significant amounts of potassium and may not be applicable to patients with restricted potassium intake and those who have cardiovascular conditions. Consult your doctor if you have other medical issues before using watermelons cleanse.


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  1. Very good article, but a friend of mine had dialysis for 3 years and decided to stop the treatment and started eating lots of Watermelon, but its helping her a lot even though she has only 7% of kidney function. It seems like high potassium is not that bad at all if your kidneys can get rid of that with no problem. Docs are the only ones that say that potassium is bad like eating too much bananas. Do what is best for you because you are your own doctor.

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