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The kidneys are two of the most important organs in the body. It’s a pair of bean-shaped organs that function mainly to filter the wastes from the body so they can be eliminated. In other words, you can compare the kidneys to a waste management system. Since the kidneys’ functions are to filter wastes from the body, it means they hold on to a great amount of wastes to be eliminated and if the wastes accumulated are too much for the kidneys to handle, then, the tendency is they malfunction. When the kidneys malfunction, it will no longer be a successful waste management system of the body, which is why they also need cleansing.

What is kidney cleansing and why is it important?

Kidney cleansing is the process of cleaning the kidneys from too much waste weighing it down. There are several reason why this process is important and why this is a must for everybody.

  • It helps the kidneys eliminate wastes successfully. When the kidneys malfunction, they fail to produce urine to be excreted out of the body, which means they cannot perform their functions properly. Through kidney cleansing, you are helping your kidneys retain or maintain its functions because you are releasing them from the burden that too much waste brings.
  • It prevents kidney diseases. When kidneys malfunction because of too much wastes present, it could lead to very serious kidney diseases and also urinary tract diseases due to the accumulation of bacteria. But when you perform kidney cleansing, you can successfully prevent these diseases because you are getting rid of the wastes that could harm the functions of your kidneys.
  • It prevents complications and other organ disease. When there is kidney disease, usually it also leads to several organ failures like heart, bladder or liver failure and eventually leads to death. If you are successful in cleansing your kidneys, you can successfully keep your overall health in good shape as well.
  • It helps you avoid costly medical procedures. When kidney diseases arise, they usually involve costly medical procedures like dialysis, etc. especially if the problem is not given a solution earlier. But through kidney cleansing, you are not only saving your health but also your budget.

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Home Remedies for Kidney Cleanse

Kidney cleansing is actually very easy to perform and there is no need for you to go to the hospital in order to perform successful cleansing. This is because of several kidney cleansing home remedies that allow you to perform a successful kidney cleanse at home. In fact, kidney cleansing is originally a natural process that involves the use of natural resources. And there are also several advantages of performing these home remedies for kidney cleansing.

One, these remedies are all natural which means they require no medications just so you can clean your kidneys. Because they are all natural, they no longer need a separate budget so you can acquire all the things you need for kidney cleansing. You can even use resources stored inside your fridge already.

Two, home remedies for kidney cleansing are very easy to prepare. It is just like preparing your usual snacks or usual refreshments. Since they are easy to prepare, they save you time and effort. Even if you have other things to do, you can still insert kidney cleansing in your schedule.

And lastly, home remedies for kidney cleansing are effective. This is because the main resources that are used in order to perform kidney cleansing are all proven to have the right nutrients that can successfully help you clean the kidneys.

Now, what are these home remedies for kidney cleansing?

  • Increasing water intake. This is a very easy remedy to cleanse your kidneys. Water is a very successful method to cleanse your kidneys as they help the kidneys reduce the struggle or the burden they are currently experiencing trying to clean too much toxins from your body. If there is a lot of water, kidneys won’t be struggling that much and eliminating the toxins present in the kidneys would be way easier. Simply increasing your water intake, therefore, can help you clean your kidneys already.
  • Avoiding too much toxins. No matter how much you take in water to your body if you are also consuming to much toxins such as drinking too much alcohol, eating too much fatty, dairy and processed foods  etc. then your kidneys will also be having a hard time eliminating all these toxins and still have higher chances of failing. So, another best home remedy to cleanse your kidney is to avoid taking in too much toxic foods and substances to the body.
  • Starting a kidney cleansing diet. This is another remedy that requires you to eat only foods that can contribute to kidney cleansing such as fruits and vegetables. This is a good home remedy since fruits and vegetables are known to have components, vitamins and minerals that help detoxify the kidneys. The kidney cleansing diet can also help you be healthy overall. This is also easy to do since you can simply use the fruits and vegetables in your fridge.
  • Fasting. This can either mean not eating but simply taking in only water or this could also mean juice fasting wherein you only have to consume fruit and vegetable juices. The best thing about fasting is you are allowing your kidneys to rest from eliminating too much wastes and toxins from the body. Since you are only consuming water or juice, it won’t be hard for the kidneys to process, thereby, they can be clean once again and you are helping them recover from the burden they have experienced.
  • Tea diet. Tea is also one beverage that has lots of antioxidants, thereby helping the body detoxify successfully, especially the kidneys. Antioxidants are very powerful components that get rid of toxins from the body so if you incorporate tea in your diet, you are also helping your kidneys cleanse itself after they cleaned your body from the wastes and toxins acquired through your messy diet and lifestyle.

What to Include in your Kidney Cleanse Diet

Kidney cleansing diet means consuming foods that are aimed towards kidney cleansing alone. It works just like weight loss diet and other types of diet but this one is exclusively for detoxifying and cleansing your kidneys. There are a number of benefits to this type of diet.

One, it is very healthy. This diet mainly consists of fruits and vegetables which have the reputation of being healthy foods to consume. Therefore, this kidney cleanse diet is also considered to be very healthy for your overall health from the inside out. Two, this kidney cleanse diet is an all natural diet so you are not at risk to harmful and very serious side effects that are usually acquired when taking in synthetic drugs or pills. You are not only filling your body with healthy foods but also keeping your body safe from harmful side effects.

And three, this kidney cleanse diet is very focused on kidney cleansing. When you go into this diet, it means your goal is to help cleanse your kidneys and since it is focused mainly on the goal, you can be guaranteed that your diet won’t be in vain and you truly can achieve the results you desire. Now, here are some of the foods to include during the kidney cleanse diet.

Lemon. Freshly squeezed lemonade is not only beneficial when you have flu but it is also known to help cleanse the kidneys because of its ability to increase the urine’s citrate levels which helps in the reduction of kidney stone formation.
Apple. Apples are not only tasty and crunchy fruits but they also help in the cleansing of your kidneys. Whether you eat them raw or whip up a kidney cleanse apple juice recipe, apples are packed with vitamin C and fiber which are known to be potent antioxidants.
ParsleyParsley. Parsley is not only a perfect decoration for your every meal but it is also good at kidney cleansing. Parsley has diuretic properties so it helps the kidneys produce more urine to be excreted out of the body. The more urine is produced, the more wastes and toxins are successfully eliminated as well with a kidney cleanse parsley recipe. CranberriesBerries. Berries can either be cranberries and other berry fruits. Berries, especially cranberries are known to be packed with potent antioxidants that help cleanse the kidneys. You can whip up a berry juice recipe or include these in your meals.
WatermelonsWatermelon. If you would notice, watermelons are rich sources of potassium and since it is packed with water, they help cleanse the kidneys since they reduce the concentration of the urine, making it easy to eliminate them out of the body. Dandelion FlowerDandelion. Dandelion is a good herb usually used as tea. Dandelion has a very potent component that helps in the elimination of kidney wastes and even has the ability to protect the kidneys from inflammation due to its struggle to get rid of body toxins.

Quick And Simple Kidney And Liver Cleanse

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One Of The Kidney Cleansing Recipes Available.

Celery Seed Tea

Celery Seed

Celery Seed

Celery is another popular vegetable that can be helpful in increasing urine production and improving kidney and bladder health. You may eat celery raw or include it in salads and soups but the best way to take advantage of its health-giving properties is to use its seeds.

Just like watermelon seeds, use fresh celery seeds and grind them using a food processor. Boil about two cups of water and then place a tablespoon of celery seeds in the pot. Strain the ground seeds and then allow the brew to cool. Place the tea in a covered bottle so you can drink later or you may drink it as soon as it cools. More On Kidney Cleanse Recipes


Tips for a Successful Natural Kidney Cleanse Diet

Now, not all people who go into natural kidney cleansing diet become successful and sometimes they quit easily. This is especially true if you are on an exclusive detox diet or a juice fast. But here are some tips you can follow in order for you to be successful in natural kidney cleansing.

  • Be firm in your decision. The main thing that hinders a lot of people from pursuing their natural kidney cleansing diet is because their minds are not really made up that they need kidney cleansing. With this, you need to read the importance of kidney cleansing from time to time and be convinced of the reasons why you need to cleanse your kidneys. This way, whenever you get bored during your cleansing diet and temptations start to appear, you won’t easily be lured and decide to quit your diet.
  • Set realistic goals. This refers to setting your goal as to how many days you should go on with your kidney cleansing diet. You can decide to go on a 3-day kidney cleansing diet or a 7-days diet depending on how you feel or how much you need to cleanse your kidneys. However, it is a must to set realistic goals. If you think you can only accomplish a 3-day goal, then do not force yourself to make it for 7 days. Start slowly and until you get used to kidney cleansing, you can increase your diet schedule. The problem with not setting g realistic goals is you tend to quit halfway.
  • Choose the type of kidney cleansing diet you know you can take. Do you want to go on a juice fasting? Tea diet? Or do you simply want to incorporate kidney cleansing foods in your meal? Choose what you think is easy for you to accomplish so you won’t decide to quit halfway.
  • Know the foods to avoid when kidney cleansing. In order to be successful in your kidney cleansing, diet, you must be aware that there are some foods you need to avoid during that time. If you are on a diet and you keep on consuming banned foods, your diet won’t be successful still. Some of the foods you need to avoid during the kidney cleansing diet are junk foods, fatty foods, alcohol and caffeinated foods and beverages. These foods contain high amount of toxic substances that can only slow down you kidney cleaning goal.
  • Create a variety of kidney cleanse recipes. What makes kidney cleansing diets boring is when you are only eating the same fruits and vegetables for cleansing every day and so most of the people quit. With this, to be successful in achieving your kidney cleansing goal, create variations in your recipes. You can mix fruits and vegetables or create variations according to your preference.
  • Consult your doctor. If you want to be successful in your kidney cleansing diet, consulting your doctor can help so as to ensure that you are really up for this diet and so you can be guided properly.

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